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The Delicate Beauty of Alex Monroe’s Jewellery

Alex Monroe is a British jewellery designer whose works are highly appreciated all over the world, besides his home country. A graduate of Sir John Cass School of Art in London, he is well known for the delicate femininity of his art works as renowned by many a branding agency.

Back in 1987, he established his first jewellery studio in South London. To this day, his jewellery is hand crafted by skilled individuals hired to work for his studio. Unlike factory made jewellery, Alex Monroe’s pieces never compromise on quality, a trait for which many appreciate his art.

One of Alex Monroe’s favourite metals is sterling silver, and many of his creations are made using it. His first source of inspiration is nature and, as a passionate traveler, the British jewellery designer has drawn his ideas from exotic places, while still retaining the English nature of his art.

Various collections are released year after year by this talented designer. However, some pieces seem to garner more interest than others, and one of the most successful creations so far is, without a doubt, the Bumblebee Necklace, part of the Original Sin collection. Worn by Sophie Dahl, as the first celebrity to appear in public with this necklace, the piece of jewellery signed by Alex Monroe became an instant success. Many celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Jo Whiley, and Emma Watson, are big fans of his artwork and are often seen in their public appearances or on the cover of glossy magazines wearing jewellery signed by him.

All Alex Monroe’s collections have one thing in common: femininity. They are always delicate, subtle and unassuming, yet exquisitely beautiful. With pieces often inspired by nature, such as representations of dragonflies, birds, feathers, flowers, he has conquered many hearts.

Whether it is silver or gold, Alex Monroe’s art pieces are an example of visual delight.

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Daniel Wellington – The Power of Traditional Design

The story of this famous watch brand begins with a fateful meeting between Filip Tysander, the man who founded the company, and Daniel Wellington, a man who managed to impress the entrepreneur with his ability to look all gentleman like while wearing his Rolex on a Nato strap.

The company specialised in trendy watches is an inspiration for the ‘preppy’ generation. Anyone who wants to look chic, yet still classy, now wears a Daniel Wellington watch. Why? Because they are the ones capable of turning the traditional, minimalist design into something chic and trendy.

What makes Daniel Wellington watches stand out is the ability to incorporate the convenience and comfort of Nato straps with the round, simple, unassuming form of traditional watches. What Filip Tysander decided in regards to the design was a marvelous idea: to keep everything simple, without extra features, without any bells and whistles, for a magnificent design.

The design that emerged from the fateful encounter between Tysander and Daniel Wellington was a thin, round, and perfectly refined watch. The most amazing ability of the new design is that it suits the need for fashion sense, while it employs this sense in a traditional form, timeless and elegant.

The other important trait of Daniel Wellington watches is represented by the Nato straps. Used in the British navy by divers who wore nylon straps around their wrists, they were originally designed to prevent rust, but in the new found design, they act more like an add-on of fashion sense.

The variety of Nato straps designed by Tysander’s company is made to reflect the link of the brand with the British Isles, but also to offer clients the ability to choose between various colours and patterns.

One of the most famous appearances of the Nato straps is, without a doubt, when such a watch was worn by Sean Connery in ‘Goldfinger’.


How Should Men Wear Their Jewellery?

It is considered common to believe that women are, in overwhelming numbers, more interested in wearing jewellery, as opposed to men. However, there is clearly a market for men’s jewellery, and there are plenty of men who love wearing it. One of the reasons that may keep men from exhibiting their jewellery is strongly related to the signals they may unintentionally send. This short guide for men on wearing jewellery will help you decide what and how to wear so you do not make the wrong impression.

Keep accessories simple and to a minimum

In case you are wondering what kind of jewellery should a man wear, there are certain accessories that are vastly accepted. For instance, a leather strapped silver watch is always considered a sign of good taste. Stainless steel bands with sports watches attached to them are also considered chic.

Cufflinks are also considered a classy accessory for a man’s attire. As long as they are not flashy, they are alright to wear.

Keep metal tones consistent throughout your outfit

As most men wear metallic jewellery in tones of gold and silver, it is very important to keep the same metallic tone throughout your outfit. Even for women, it is considered tacky to mix gold and silver jewellery in the same time, so this is a good rule to remember.

It is very important for men to keep in mind that not all gold jewellery has the same colour tone. Depending on the alloys used, gold jewellery can vary from coppery gold to white gold. Since the colour tone is very important, it is advisable to purchase jewellery sets, to avoid too much colour variety.

Precious stones

This is another area where men do not have a lot of space to turn around. Precious stones are mostly considered feminine and they do not work too well for a man’s outfit. An exception to the rule is represented by turquoise that is part of the masculine Southwestern style. However, exaggerations are to be avoided, since the colour of turquoise is very eye catching and it should be used sparingly.


A man is allowed to wear certain jewellery pieces without drawing unwanted attention. Wedding bands and heirloom pieces are included on the list of exceptions, and they do not necessarily have to match other jewellery pieces. Even more, if they draw a bit of attention, it is the good kind of attention, because it suggests the man’s commitment to family and marriage.

Wear jewellery on important events

Even if your jewellery consists only of a few pairs of cufflinks and an athletic ring, it is best to avoid wearing them all the time. Try wearing them only on big occasions, where they may even act as great conversation starters. Also, choosing jewellery that is meaningful for a certain situation is a sign of good taste in a man.

Masculine jewellery pieces include lapel pins, tie accents, wedding bands, cufflinks, and watches. Anything beyond these may be just too much.


Is Jewellery a Good Investment?

With the price for gold and silver continuously on the rise, it looks like a great time for investing in jewellery. Besides the precious metals and stones they contain, they also have an added value, because of the craftsmanship invested in their making. However, jewellery appraisers do not advise investors to include jewellery in their portfolio.

Short time of depreciation

The most important reason cited by appraisers in regards to jewellery as a poor investment is the short time of depreciation, even for the most beautiful items. You cannot resell a jewellery piece for the same price you bought it, as there is no actual market to do so, except pawn shops where you can never sell items for their full price.

Appraisers compare jewellery with cars, in the sense that once you buy such an expensive item, you may never recuperate your initial investment.

What jewellery sells well?

You may have heard plenty of stories about fine jewellery pieces sold at auctions for outstanding prices. However, these have certain characteristics that cannot easily be found. They have either belonged to a celebrity, or they are antique pieces appreciated for their historical value, even more than for the craftsmanship employed or the precious metals and stones included in their making.

Even if you happen to stumble upon a bargain and you want to sell a beautiful jewellery piece with such characteristics for a higher price, you may soon discover that the market for such items is very volatile, and it takes a real connoisseur to strike a good deal, even under the most auspicious conditions.

Isn’t the gold in jewellery worth anything?

Many investors now opt for investing in gold because of the increase in price and its high liquidity. However, they do not choose to invest in jewellery and they prefer buying gold bullion bars or coins. One of the reasons why jewellery is not considered a good investment, as far as the content of gold is concerned, is the fact that jewellery is often made with 14K gold, with a gold content of maximum 58%. On the other side, gold bullion bars and coins are made of pure gold, the most popular being those with .999 purity. This means that these do not contain any base metals and they are not made with any type of alloy. Selling your jewellery with the intention to scrap the gold at a later date can prove a quite disappointing deal.

Buy only jewellery you love

This is the advice most jewellery appraisers give to their clients. Jewellery may increase in sentimental value over time, but an increase to its selling value cannot be expected but under exceptional circumstances.

If you are looking to make investments, there are other means you can try. Buying gold is, of course, an option, but not under the form of jewellery. Not even diamonds and other precious stones that normally cost a small fortune can increase the value of jewellery over time, so it is best to stay away from buying jewellery as investment.


Jayce Wong – Chinese Heritage Meets City Chic

Jayce Wong’s style has been defined throughout her life as an artist by both formal education and driven passion from an early age. Proclaimed New Designer of the Year at the 2012 UK Jewellery Awards, Jayce Wong impresses through her handcrafted pieces that combine the inspiration drawn from her Chinese heritage and the city chic trend she employs in her art.

Wong grew up surrounded by jewellers and the magic of precious metals and stones rubbed off on her since she was still a little girl. Her first attempts at creating jewellery consisted of taking some of her mother’s jewellery she no longer wore and transforming them into new, wearable pieces of art.

Later on, she decided to pursue formal education as well, and, when she was 18 years old, she decided to move to London, where she completed a Bachelors and Masters in Jewellery Design at the famous Central Saint Martins. London was more to her than just a city ideal for completing her education; it also provided inspiration for the new jewellery designer.

While starting to design jewellery, Wong did not forget about her passion for turning obscure stones into pieces of wearable art. To deepen her knowledge of precious stones, she obtained a diploma in Gemmology at the Gemmological Institute of America.

An accomplished jewellery designer, she started working for various houses, and her cocktail rings were quite a hit in the famous London jewellery store Kabiri. It became obvious for everybody that the new artist was expected to establish her own brand, which she did in 2009.

A trait of Jayce Wong’s masterpieces is that they can be worn in various occasions. They are simple and chic, pretentious and unassuming in the same time. Their intrinsic beauty draws customers who want to follow trends, yet purchase a piece that will last the test of time.


Reasons to Wear Jewellery

Wearing jewellery is a human habit dating from the most ancient times, and the reasons why people are still wearing it in this day and age may not be much different from our ancestors’. Here are the most important reasons why people love wearing jewellery to improve their appearance.

Jewellery draws positive attention

Not only precious metals and stones are employed in the making of a piece of jewellery, but craftsmanship, as well. The number one reason why you should wear jewellery is to draw positive attention from other people. How many times have you noticed someone mainly because they wore an interesting piece of jewellery? The same goes for you, if you want to be noticed in a positive manner; plus, a beautiful piece of jewellery is always a great conversation starter.

Jewellery makes people more attractive

One of the roles of jewellery is to beautify and improve someone’s style. When someone – man or woman – shows great taste in matching their jewellery with their outfits, they look more attractive and chic.

Jewellery brings a shiny spark to any outfit

Even the dullest clothes are put into a different light, if you are adding a bit of jewellery. This does not mean that you must look flashy at all costs. However, if you want to liven up an outfit, and stand out of the crowd a bit, a nice piece of jewellery will do this for you.

Jewellery is a sign of class

Have you noticed certain people as being examples of great fashion taste? Have you noticed their jewellery? No attire is complete without the proper jewellery to match it. When you want to define your style, think about what jewellery would work with your clothes. By creating interesting combinations, you will be able to diversify your wardrobe and make it look classier.

Jewellery is for special occasions

Jewellery is important to us because of the sense of joy and contentment it brings. When wearing jewellery, you feel special and joyful. For this reason, jewellery is meant for special occasions. While there may be pieces you love wearing every day, when you truly want to celebrate a special occasion, it is nothing unusual to wear something exceptional.

Jewellery creates personal history

Interesting pieces of jewellery are often great conversation starters, and it is nice to have a story to tell when you are asked about them. A great thing about jewellery is that creates personal history. An engagement ring will always remember you of one of the happiest days in your life. A heirloom piece will remind you of the strong connection you have with your family. A chic necklace or ring bought during a special fashion event has its place in your jewellery box. With jewellery, you create memories that last a lifetime.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to wear jewellery. Whether you want to liven up a boring outfit, or you want to be noticed, jewellery is one of women’s – and men’s – best friends.